extracurricular projects 
glp   intelligent lighting and sensor network (2009)
  m.garbus, m.aldrich, m.sciacchitano, j.tor   [wiki] [svn]
  under development: glp is designed to be a standard light bulb replacement. the bulbs can communicate with other bulbs wirelessly to relay information about the environment. this information can be used in limitless ways. the ultimate aim is to produce a distributed platform for implementing adaptive, statistical systems that create a more human-friendly interface in the home or office environments.
self-meshing, self-healing network model   under development (2009)
  m.garbus   [web]
  under development: a processing sketch designed to demonstrate a self-meshing, self-healing network designed specifically with the cc1110 microprocessor in mind. this sketch will be used to iron out the core algorithm. essentially, each node will emit a periodic beacon that contains a mapping of the known network. this information can be used by any node to determine the theoretical best path for a packet to travel and to make corrections/modifications in the case of a 'lost' node.
polite paws   website (2008)
  k.garbus, m.garbus   [web]
  our friend, shannon sumner, has started a puppy and dog training business. we built a website for her to save a few bucks. the website was designed to be easily maintainable, and employs css and java script. best of luck, shannon.
aurora    open source dj controller (2008)
  m.garbus, m.aldrich, m.sciacchitano   [web] [vid] [paper]
  aurora is an open source dj mixer with an ambient lighting system. aurora has been enthusiastically welcomed by the open source dj community. we were excited to find aurora has made wikipedia. not only is aurora a great technical project, it has given my team members and i a great oppurtunity to address and manage the typical concerns of a small company. please visit the website for more details.
zjam    gestoral controller (2007)
  m.garbus, m.aldrich   [vid] [vid]
  the zjam project explored controlling music via gestoral motions. two prototypes were built that use a microcontroller and three-axis accelerator to communicate with a pc via zigbee. special attention was paid to making an ultra-low power device with sleep modes. zjam coupled with a max/msp software interface allows for an almost limitless number of interesting applications.
garbus wedding    website (2005)
  m.garbus, k.garbus   [web]
  this was an opportunity to learn and utilize php and mysql to organize some of the less exciting aspects of planning and managing a wedding. attendance, food & drink polling, and other functions were automated; which took a lot of the guess work out of the planning. users were granted different authorization levels so the parents could manage the financials while others were limited in their access. although this exercise allowed a forum to play with mysql and php, it was an invaluable tool when planning an event with hundreds of people scattered geographically.
plasma wakefield accelerator   (2000)
  m.garbus, p.gueye   [paper]
  this paper decribes my work with paul gueye at the nsf's center for ultrafast optical science in ann arbor, mi. the project used high powered lasers and helium to produce a free stream of electrons. this project showed the feasibilty of 'low cost' setups to perform nuclear and potentially even particle physics without the need for expensive time in a national accelerator facility. i want to thank paul gueye for this oppurtunity and the years of mentorship
    mike garbus & kerri garbus